Located in Conner Prairie’s Interactive History Park, this four-story structure is designed to connect youth with nature. Integrated among the existing tree canopy, the Treetop Outpost includes multiple observation decks and a main exhibit area, with the highest outlook reaching 40 feet. The viewing platforms use locally sourced materials and are arranged along a cedar-skinned stair tower that serves as the structure’s spine.

From a structural engineering perspective, the root mass of the existing trees required extra care to install the mat foundation without harming the large trees. Visitor access to the various levels of the structure required flexibility when determining the location of the structural framing, particularly the lateral bracing members. In addition, the connections of the diagonal x-bracing rods to the wood framing above and below the main level also added complexities to the design and detailing.

Size | 10,000
Constructed | 2016
Awards | 2016 Merit Award, Monumental Awards