...THE “GO-TO” firm in Indiana for all structural engineering needs.

“CE Solutions is one of my top AE firms with which to work.  Their practical approach to projects, along with their attention to detail, thoroughness, and overall quality made the design process flow smoothly.  All my projects with CE Solutions had the lowest percentage of change orders, both in quantity and cost, of most any other projects my colleagues and I managed for Purdue University.  Responsiveness during both design and construction was always exceptional with CE Solutions.  Simply put, I consider them THE “GO-TO” firm in Indiana for all structural engineering needs, whether they lead the project or are a member of a team.”

— Barbara Angstadt | Senior Environmental Air Permitting Engineer, Flint Hills
Resources; Former Capital Project Manager, Purdue University

Responsive and communicates well...

“CE Solutions differentiates itself by the quality and the level of completeness of their documents. The documents are clear, leaving no room for guesswork that can cause gaps in scope or scheduling issues. This is important to us—especially when we assign work to subcontractors. Quality documents help us with scope definition and the ability to put together a complete bid. In addition, CE Solutions is responsive, communicates well with us and seeks ways to do things better; you can tell they really care. Overall, CE Solutions is made up of good people to work with. Everyone comes across with complete professionalism and with a true team approach, and it’s evident by their actions that they enjoy what they do.”

Brad Deno, Sr. | Vice President of Operations, Kettlehut Construction, Inc.

Responsive, accurate, flexible and timely...

"At MSKTD we look for consultant partners that are responsive, accurate, flexible and timely for our team and, ultimately, for our clients. CE Solutions is exactly that partner. We have worked together on higher education projects, health care projects and other complex facilities. No matter our needs, CE Solutions has been the ultimate of professional organizations we can count on."

Jim Kratzat | President/Treasurer, MSKTD


...Impressed by organization, attention to detail, clear communication and responsiveness.

“Since working with CE Solutions, I have been impressed by their organization, attention to detail, clear communication and responsiveness. They do what they say they are going to do, and in an organized fashion. When we work with CE Solutions, it goes smoothly because of how they run projects.”

Joshua Nixon, PE | Engineering Department Manager, The Schneider Corporation


...A true partnership.

“CE Solutions is responsive, resourceful, understands the big picture and provides a sense of teamwork and ownership on projects. When we work with them, I know I don’t have to worry about their part of the project—they’re going to take care of it. With CE Solutions’ team, it’s a true partnership.”

Ralph Power, PE | President, Applied Engineering Services, Inc.

...A star in our marketplace.

“Simply put, CE Solutions delivers. They possess creativity, technical competence, confidence and an unparalleled commitment to client service. They work very hard to earn your respect through returning your phone calls promptly, responding to RFI’s quickly, being available at a moment’s notice and giving no excuses. I consider them a star in our marketplace.”

Tim Barrick, FSMPS | Principal/Executive Vice President, RATIO Architects


We trust that we're going to get what we need...

“We have a trust in CE Solutions’ level of work; we trust that we’re going to get what we need and that they’ll stand behind it. That makes the whole process more efficient for our clients. We’re able to provide better value because of that smooth relationship.”

Mark D. Downey PE, LS | Chairman Emeritus, Commonwealth Engineers


The firm's attention to detail differentiates them from other companies.

“When CE Solutions looks at something, I always have full confidence that they will provide a thoroughly evaluated and fully detailed solution. The firm’s attention to detail differentiates them from other companies. Many projects I’ve been involved in have been messy, complicated situations. CE Solutions is willing to do the research and thorough analysis to understand the exact situation that we’re dealing with. For example, in evaluating an existing facility for increased loading, CE Solutions took the time to refine the amount of strengthening needed to minimize the expense to the owner. Not all engineering firms would be that detailed in their evaluation.

Based on my history with the firm, I know I can trust their results. I always tell people, if you’ve got a complex project and you need someone to look at it in depth, call CE Solutions.”

— Lee Ann Lankton, PE | Corporate Development Manager,
                                          Charles C. Brandt Construction Co.


Their comprehensive knowledge...and willingness to understand...are key factors.

"Blackline has worked successfully with CE Solutions since our founding in 2000. We are consistently pleased with their responsiveness and the clarity of their construction documents. Their comprehensive knowledge across different structural systems and their willingness to understand our architectural design intent is a key factor to why we look forward to maintaining this working relationship."

— Scott Perkins | Principal Architect, Blackline Studio


Contributes directly to the success...

"Our strong relationship with CE Solutions is based upon our shared dedication to understanding the client's project vision and a passion for creating innovative design solutions. Their depth of knowledge, versatility and dependability are attributes we look for in our consultants, and are the reason for our long history together. CE Solutions contributes directly to the success we are able to offer our clients, which results in an enjoyable experience for the entire project team."

Jenelle Smagala, AIA | President, Synthesis Incorporated