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Riley Sears became intrigued by buildings at a young age, having watched his father work in the construction industry. “While I was growing up I saw a lot of the work he brought home and thought it was interesting,” he says.   

Today, Riley enjoys the variety of work at CE Solutions, knowing that no two projects are ever the same and there are always challenges to solve, which keeps him engaged. As BIM specialist, he contributes a blend of building information modeling expertise, diverse knowledge of graphics, and understanding of design and construction. While pursuing his education, he gained experience through a preconstruction/BIM internship and worked as a referee and supervisor for multiple intramural sports over the span of three years. 

Riley’s hobbies range from playing video games and watching Netflix to spending time with friends and on the golf course.

Bachelor of Science, Computer Graphics Technology, 2017
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN