CE Solutions has assessed, designed and provided construction oversight for several repair, restoration and waterproofing projects on parking garages at Purdue University.

Repair and restoration projects can be challenging because of unforeseen conditions. CE Solutions’ thorough approach and focus on constructability maximizes budgets and keeps change orders to a minimum. For example, for the Northwestern Avenue Parking Garage - North Half, Structural and Miscellaneous Repairs project, construction change orders were limited to just 2.8 percent of the $480,914 construction cost. These changes were primarily the result of unforeseen items uncovered during construction. In addition, CE Solutions delivered the project two weeks ahead of the proposed schedule, allowing for an earlier bid date.

Our approach also includes unique application of products to assist with the functionality of the garage. For example, for the University Street Parking Garage, the unique application of an angular aggregate increases slip resistance and a dark traffic coating assists with snow and ice melt.