The private residence is a large, unique structure with the capacity to entertain large groups of guests. It stands 54' above grade at its peak, with a Veranda built into the side of a 30' high terraced hill forming part of the shoreline of a lake. Ceiling heights range from 10' in a second level Guest Suite to 27'-3" in the main level.

Many factors were considered in the design of this unique structure. For example, floor framing needed to be strong enough to support the occupancy load but stiff enough to avert damage to the finish materials and prevent detectable vibration. The building frame also needed to resist the lateral effects of earthquakes and high winds generated by the structure’s position approximately 84' above a lake large enough to generate significant wind forces.

The residence contains features that required special attention. For example, the architectural design of the monumental stair at the main entrance foyer included natural solid stone treads and stone veneered concrete landings cantilevering from an elliptical outer shaft wall with no support at the free edges of the treads and landings. The tall, slender exterior walls (approximately 20' tall by 8” - 10” thick) include large openings for windows and doors. These walls required special attention for window and brick support as well as lateral stability of the building.

Size | 29,000 square feet