CE Solutions is providing overall project leadership and primary structural engineering services to help improve the visitor experience by improving the condition and longevity of the parking garage and Ground Transportation Center at the Indianapolis International Airport.

Our team performed an evaluation of selected areas of the five-level, cast-in-place post-tensioned concrete garage while it remained operational. Based on scope elements drawn from a previous study, we prepared a prioritized Initial Design Report that outlined our findings and recommendations along with an opinion of probable construction cost for recommended repairs and upgrades. Phase 1 improvements include rehabilitation of the elevator, escalator and moving walkways, as well as code/exterior exposure upgrades. Phase 2 of the project includes a range of repairs to multiple areas throughout the garage, such as post-tensioned concrete girder, beam and slab crack, delamination, spall and tendon end cap repairs; expansion and construction joint repairs; corroded exterior stairwell repairs and deteriorated stair tread replacement.

Constructed | October 2017 (Phase 1 proposed construction completion date); December 2017 (Phase 2 proposed construction completion date)