This new turkey processing plant project included an aggressive schedule combined with the challenges of complex equipment and sensitive spaces. 

Design challenges included coordinating steel elevations for the various process conveyors and other pieces of equipment housed in the facility and designing a blast enclosure around the boiler room to contain any explosions in the area. In addition, the design had to include special details to meet USDA standards of cleanliness. The fast nature of the project meant CE Solutions’ team had to create a flexible structural design that would accommodate unknown loads such as process piping, equipment and other components. Due to the project’s southern Indiana site, CE Solutions had to accommodate high seismic loads on the structure.

The building was designed with expansion in mind. In anticipation of an upcoming addition, the team proactively designed the addition’s foundations to reduce the future project’s impact on the existing building. This required designing a foundation flexible enough to handle unknown future loads.

Size | 250,000 square feet
Constructed | 2013