The Centennial Mall & Potter Quad Sitescape prepared the campus for the Active Learning Center and provides pedestrian pathways, bikeways and gathering areas in the heart of campus. The utility tunnel portion of the project involves the needed rehabilitation of tunnels that run underneath the new sitescape, landscape and around the building, creating sound structures that will both accommodate the new construction and last well into the future.

For the concrete utility tunnel component of the project, CE Solutions conducted a thorough field assessment of structural deficiencies, distress and deterioration of the tunnels, then provided solutions detailing replacement, repairs and waterproofing for the 1,400 linear-feet included in the project. Challenges included restoring a nearly 100-year-old structure, increasing structural capacity for current/proposed site requirements, coordinating with active utilities servicing a working campus, limited ability for utility shutdowns during certain time periods, and the majority of work occurring underneath an active construction project.

Constructed | 2017
Linear footage | 1,400