Carrie Walden, PE
Project Manager

Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Carrie is particularly skilled in analysis and design. On the job site, her keen perception helps her identify built conditions that vary from design intent and ways to resolve issues. For renovation projects, she applies her insight into how load-bearing walls can be removed or structures modified to meet new functional uses. When investigating damaged structures, she is adept in pinpointing the cause of failure, distress, or deterioration and in devising a pragmatic solution. An organized, effective communicator with attention to detail, Carrie is a superb project manager. She coordinates plans, schedules, and budgets with architects, owners, subconsultants, and other team members while simultaneously handling projects ranging from a 140-acre private estate to a non-profit organization’s pre-school facility to repairing a high school weight room floor.