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A lucky break brought Heather Cox into the architecture, engineering and construction industry. Her father had worked in construction during Heather’s childhood, but years later, through his role as a helicopter pilot for a television station, he introduced her to an architecture firm looking for a project assistant. That was the beginning of Heather’s journey in design and construction—a career that excites and energizes her to this day.

Always interested in increasing her knowledge, Heather learned every aspect of the industry she could, including drafting, electrical and architectural design, accounting, human resources, administration, and project management. She eventually found her passion in marketing and cultivating relationships. “It is incredibly satisfying to help people realize their dreams and visions, whether it be clients, friends, or colleagues,” she says.

Excited for another growth opportunity, Heather joined CE Solutions in December of 2017. “CE Solutions focuses on establishing long-lasting relationships with our clients and staff,” Heather says. “We have a great vision and it’s fulfilling to contribute to what drives the firm.”

In her spare time, Heather enjoys running, exercising, being an exercise and running coach, playing the piano, traveling, volunteering for various organizations, and generally helping others. Above all, she loves spending time with family and friends and watching her daughter grow into a great young adult.

Certifications                                                                                                                    Certified Professional Services Marketer

Organizations                                                                                                              Society for Marketing Professional Services                                                                  Scecina Memorial High School Parent Ambassador Team                                          

Board of Directors                                                                                                        Society for Marketing Professional Services - Indiana Chapter