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Katie has been influenced by the A/E/C industry more than she realized. As a little girl, she remembers sitting in her playroom next to her dad’s home office when clients would visit, wondering what they were talking about. To help her understand, her dad would load her in the car and drive by various buildings to show her what he did. She was awestruck. A few years ago, while going over construction drawings of the house her family built 30 years ago, Katie had a defining moment. “I think I always had a passion for design and graphics, I just didn’t realize it until later,” she said. After graduating from Purdue University, she embarked on learning more about the industry that has been a large part of her life.

An extremely detailed and organized person, Katie knew the best way to use her skills was to dive into the nuts and bolts of design. Working in Revit allows her to concentrate on the structure and details while helping her understand the overall design. Additionally, she is focused on building relationships with her coworkers and being a contributing part of the firm’s success. “I am excited to be around people I have known my entire life and to help them in any way I can,” Katie says. Teamwork is something that Katie understands very well. She grew up playing softball and was part of the state championship team for Carmel High School her senior year as well as the MVP of the All-Star game. “Playing softball allowed me to understand the importance of being a team player,” she says. ”I am proud to be part of a great team here at CE Solutions.”

Katie is an avid sports fan – particularly Purdue and the Chicago Cubs. She loves to travel and enjoys spending time outdoors, especially if it involves a beach.

Bachelor of Science, 2016
Purdue University